Digital TV Services

Next Generation is more than just IT support! We also offer IPTV Services direct to your home!

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television. It means the delivery of television content through the internet. Whereby homes of the past have relied on TV aerials, a satellite dish, or a cable to be able to watch the TV, IPTV means that you can combine your broadband services and television services.

What does Next Generation do?

With Next Generation, you get live TV streaming with no contract. What’s more, since we’re internet experts, we make sure our service is the most stable out there!

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Next Generation – the best out there for IPTV

Are you fed up of your TV freezing or online downloads buffering? With our IPTV you won’t have any of those issues. We offer full high-definition streaming. Since our serves are really powerful, you can be sure that our networks can handle all of the demand!

Type of content

Users can stream all types of content that you would expect from a television provider. If you’re a sports fan, you can stream all of your favorite sports in HD from across the globe. You won’t miss out on any matches or events!

As well as live streaming, our service includes a great range of videos and television shows on demand. These are updated daily, too!

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Our IPTV is compatible with most platforms including:

  • MAG
  • Dreamlink T1
  • Avov
  • Android
  • WebTV (browser)
  • Smart Phone
  • Apple XBMC/KODI
  • And many more
IPTV Support

We know that users require services 24/7. That’s why we offer help and support around the clock! We have a ticketed support system that can help you with issues should they arise.

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Corporate use of IPTV

Businesses have been using IPTV for over a decade to transmit media. You will have seen IPTV used in the likes of airports, stadiums, hotels and offices etc. Examples of how IPTV can be used for business:

  • Businesses can record and distribute course materials
  • Companies can stream live events in their offices and over-spill rooms. Streaming can even happen over mobile devices and remote networks.
  • Provide office-wide TV entertainment to enhance your office appeal
  • Many other possible options, contact us for more information
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