Ecommerce Solutions

With the rise of internet shopping, you really need to ensure your business is selling itself as well as its products when it comes to e-commerce. If you think of your home page like a traditional shop front, you want people to come in and browse your product range. As well as being attractive to draw customers in, your website needs to be easy to use and needs to function well. Our ecommerce solutions will help you optimize your site to increase its profitability.

A business asset, not just a store

Your business is more than just a store. It’s about branding, visibility and reputation. Here is a sample of the things we can do for your ecommerce website:

  • User-friendly site – we make sure your website is user-friendly. You don’t want customers being put off my glitches, bugs or an unattractive site
  • Navigation – you want your navigation to be straight forward and user-friendly and we can ensure that it is.
  • Mobile responsive websites – since more than half of all purchases online happen with a smartphone or tablet, you need to make sure that your website is optimized for this use.
  • Smooth checkout process – if your checkout process is clunky or takes too long, customers will be put off. We make sure that your website checkout process is seamless.
  • Currency conversion friendly – if you get a lot of international trade, you need to make sure your website is up to scratch in terms of converting currencies.
Increase your sales

Ultimately, our goal is to help you increase your sales and generate repeat sales. You want to maximize your conversions from all of the leads your business generates. Having a sales-optimized website can help you do this. Things we consider:

  • How your products or services are displayed – as with any physical store, it’s important to consider where and how your products are displayed. A lot of thought is gone into a physical store and this should be no different with a virtual one.
  • Appealing to first-time customers – getting customers in the door (figuratively speaking, of course) is one thing, but you’ve got to impress them enough to convert them into buyers. You might offer the cheapest product online in comparison to competitors but an old-fashioned and hard to use website will really turn customers away.
  • Increase repeated sales – once you’ve got an established customer-base it becomes a lot easier to keep customers. After all, if they’ve seen you deliver the goods and are impressed with your business, they will turn into repeating customers and give recommendations. This is the key to the future success of your business. We help you make customers’ transactions seamless so that they want to come back for more.

Tailored to Your Business

We understand the different needs of different types of businesses. A website selling handmade bags isn’t going to need the same design and functionality as a services website. We work with you every step of the way so that our ecommerce services work for you and your unique business and brand.

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